Solar Screening Solutions

Solar Screens

Much of the heat that enters a home is transferred through its solar exposed windows and glass doors. Once the sun’s rays strike these windows and doors they heat up quickly and act as giant wall heaters that continue to radiate heat into the home until the sun has moved away. This can put a heavy load on your A/C system as it works overtime to remove the extra heat. When solar screens are installed over these windows and doors they act like a shade tree, blocking most of the sun’s heat before it gets to the window or door. This shading action keeps the windows and doors cooler which reduces the amount of heat entering the home.

“Thanks, they look great and are already cutting down on the heat inside”

-Tracey T.

It also reduces the load on your A/C system which lowers the cost of cooling your home. Solar Screens also reduce glare and protect your fine furniture and flooring from fading. This is a cost effective way to lower utility cost and make your home more comfortable during the warm summer months.

We also offer solar screens in manual and motorized roller shade units. Call for details. Click on the manufacturers links for a more details.